Meet Me

Graphic Designer, Leo, ENFP, Military wife, Evil Stepmom, Spider Ambassador (I have a not-so-secret mission to make Spiders the next Teddy bears). Needless to say, I’m not exactly ordinary. That combined with my always smiling default face, I often get confused and curious”what is going on here” looks from people – I like to think that’s a good thing.

Design is in my bones. I lean toward asymmetry, geometric, and unusual – but I know that’s not everyone’s style. That’s ok. I’m adaptable.

I experimented before with identity names for myself – but since that’s pretty much what I do, it was always changing. Olive Thomas was my first identity love, but that was confusing since it’s not my actual name (though I tried to make it be my name! …awkward.) Then Honeycomb Designs, which was received well, but it still didn’t “fit”. I wanted something more edgy, Hatchwing Graphics was born. …but confused pretty much everyone. So, since my actual name isn’t changing anytime soon, Hello Holly seemed a wise choice, easy to roll off the tongue, and felt good to me.

And here we are!

My mish-mosh of expertise includes:

Digital Design/Branding – Logos, Social Media banners, Digital Product Mockups, Advertisements

Print Design – T-shirts, Business cards, Book covers, Pamphlet layouts, Flyers, Banners, and Large Scale Graphics

I work with the complete Adobe Suite, but my home is primarily in Adobe Illustrator with a vacation home in Photoshop. I’ve visited InDesign a few times, but not quite fluent in the language. And Dreamweaver is like visiting another planet. (For now – I’m always learning!)I love learning new things and accepting new challenges.

I also love people! Send me a message, comment, or check me out on social media! I appreciate any and all support.



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